The place you never knew you dreamed of.

You heard that right. A mobile cigar lounge.

We carry several brands that are all veteran owned and operated. And they all make a damn good stick!

We all love some good swag. Patches, slaps, cutters, we’ll get you and your best friend geared up!

Doesn’t matter if it’s your wedding, bachelorette party, or just a range day with the boys. Let the lounge come to you and be the hero!


The Warfighter Dumpster Fire Cigar is the guys at Warfighter’s version of a mixed filler cigar.   Made to be a more cost effective smoke, the Dumpster Fire is a good choice for an EDS (every day smoke).  Designed and developed during 2020, we wanted to capture essence of that year.  In true 2020 fashion, production, shipping and importing of these were delayed and we did not receive them until 2021.

For every Dumpster Fire cigar we sell, we donate one to Operation: Cigars for Warriors.

About us

The mobile cigar lounge isn’t something I was born into or have always dreamed about. In fact, it’s the dream job I never knew I wanted! I’ve spent the majority of my adult life as a professional photographer. In fact, the airstream that is now the War Wagon began as an asset for my photography studio.

But COVID-19 hit and we had to pivot. My wife was never a huge fan of my love of cigars but she’s way happier about the fact that we can make a little bit of money with it.


Coming Soon!

Not so fast!

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